Fiery Horse

Creative running fiery horse hd theme


Tab Design – Orange and Brown Colour.



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Fiery Horse
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  • Sartox


    I’ve been trying to change the image resolution because the image isn’t fully displayed on the new tab. I’m stuck in opening the pak file. Can’t un-pack it. Once I manage to do so, I’d love to set the resolution to 1366 x 768.

    Image of my incomplete theme:

    It’s cut from the top for some reason. I believe it’s due to a wrong resolution. This is downloading it from here. Downloading it form chrome site, shows from half the horse’s head downwards.

    Many thanks for any help,

    • chromeposta

      Please try 1024 x 768 resolution.

      • Sartox


        it has improved a bit but it’s still slighty cropped on the top:


        • vrkmphoto

          Hi Sartox,
          What is your screen resolution ?

          • Sartox

            The one I tried to set, 1366 x 768

          • chromeposta

            your device (laptop, tab or desktop) screen resolution ?

          • Sartox

            Laptop. 1366 x 768